BBQ Catering in Auburn, AL

We are happy to help you with any and all of your catering, party, and tailgating needs! Anything on our menu can be served up fresh and hot for your big event. In 25 years, we have catered almost every type of event at all varieties of locations. Whether formal, informal, large, or small, we have got you covered. We specialize in office lunches, fraternity and sorority events, and we also cater for wedding receptions or pre-wedding events, class reunions, university events on campus, tailgating parties, private parties, and more.

We have a special package deal menu, which you'll see below. Price differences mainly depend on your need for full catering (with serving), delivery, or pick-up from our store, as well as the number of people you will be serving. The prices below are based on orders within the city limits of Auburn or Opelika. We do cater/deliver outside city limits, but there will be an additional fee depending on your location. You are always welcome to pick up your order at our North College Street location. The prices shown below do not include sales tax.
If your specific needs do not include everything on this list, we are happy to work with you to design a custom order that fits exactly what you are looking for. In most situations where this is the case, we are usually able to provide a more cost effective solution than what is listed below.
Please give us a call to discuss details and get price quotes. The best time to call with questions about catering or large orders is between the hours of 8:00 and 11:00 am. We will be more available to speak with you at length regarding your event. Otherwise, we may take your information and have a catering manager return your call at a more convenient time.
Mike & Ed's BBQ of Auburn Package Deal Menu and Pricing
What is included:
Your choice of a 4oz (sandwich portion) or 6oz (plate portion) of BBQ pork, with your choice of two side items. Food will be provided in bulk quantities, in discardable aluminum pans.
Side item choices include: BBQ beans, potato salad, cole slaw, barbecue slaw, Brunswick Stew, BBQ Stew, potato chips, or corn-on-the-cob.
Also included: plates, cups, utensil kits (with fork, spoon, knife, napkin, salt, and pepper), serving utensils, barbecue sauce, pickles, bread and/or buns, and gallons of tea. Available but not included in the prices below are coolers of ice for $7.00. One cooler will accommodate up to 50 people.
*For full catering, including serving, a 15% gratuity will be added to your total. This applies regardless of the number of people served.
For 10 people or less, there will be a $20.00 delivery charge.
Chicken Only Package Deal - $9.25 per person
½ chicken per person (cut up) w/2 sides
To figure side dishes
# of people x 4.25 oz divided by 16= amount of lbs
All sides 4.25 oz with exception of stew=6oz
# of people x 2 divided by 26= # of loaves of bread
# of people x 16 divided by 128 = # of gallons of tea

Ribs Only Package Deal – $11.25 per person
10 oz ribs per person w/2 sides

Ribs & Chicken package Deal – $12.75 per person
10 oz ribs and 1pc chicken per person
# of people x 10 divided by 16=amount of lbs.
# of people divided by 3=number of chicken halves
The above prices are for pick-up ONLY
To deliver add .50 per person
To cater add $1.00 per person plus 15% Gratuity
ADD $1.00 per person if delivery or catering is less than 50 people
ADD $2.00 if less than 20 people

BBQ pork (shredded) w/your choice of 2 side dishes: Brunswick Stew, BBQ Beans, Coleslaw, BBQ Slaw, Potato Salad, Potato Chips, or Corn on the Cob. This price includes: plates, drinking cups, set-up kits (fork, spoon, knife, napkin, salt & pepper), serving utensils, sauce, pickles, bread and/or buns, tea and ice if needed. ($7.00 Charge for a cooler of ice if picked up or delivered serves approximately 50 people).

-50 people or more (6oz. plate portion $6.95 per person pick-up)… ($7.45 per person delivered)…($7.95 per person catered)
-50 people or more (4oz sandwich portion $5.95 per person pick-up)…($6.45 per person delivered)….($6.95 per person Catered)

-Less than 50 people but more than 20 add $1.00 extra per person to above price to deliver or cater
-20 people or less….add $2.00 extra per person to above price to deliver or cater

***Prices do not include sales tax***

These prices are based on ONE full service per person. To find out about any of the above parties or pick-up please call: John or Terri @ 334-501-1866
All catering prices are for Auburn-Opelika city limits.
We will cater or deliver outside the city limits, however there will be an extra fee added depending on location
Optional Add-Ons to Any of the Above Packages:
Add BBQ Chicken: $1.75 per person
Add BBQ Ribs: $3.75 per person
Add assorted pies: $1.95 per person
Add brownies: $1.55 per person
Prices subject to change without notice.