Pork Based BBQ in Auburn, AL

Answers to some of our customers' most frequently asked questions.

How many people will a pound of barbecue feed?
A pound of chipped (shredded) pork will make about 4 sandwiches, using the same portion size we use in the store (4 oz). For plate-sized portions (6 oz), a pound will feed 2-3 people.
How many bones are in a pound of ribs?
6-8 bones, depending on their size and weight.
Do you sell racks/slabs of ribs?
Our ribs are sold by the pound. On average, a rack or slab of ribs usually contains about 2 lbs. This equals about 12-16 bones. We're happy to cut individual bones, or leave the rack intact if you prefer.
What kind of ribs do you sell?
Our ribs are St. Louis style, which is the portion of the rib cage immediately adjoining the baby-back portion. St. Louis style ribs tend to be longer, straighter, and contain more meat than baby-back ribs.
Why is your menu and/or prices different from other Mike & Ed's locations?
Each Mike & Ed's is an independently-owned and operated franchise.
Do you deliver?
For larger, package-deal orders, delivery is included. For orders involving less than 10 people, there is a $20 delivery charge. We do not deliver individual orders.